About us

Hello, I'm Dayne Kato, a dedicated engineer with a profound passion for the art of bookbinding. In 2023, fueled by my love for stories like Dramione, I embarked on a personal journey into the world of bookbinding.....

Understanding the legal intricacies surrounding fanfiction printing, I made the decision to extend my bookbinding skills to fellow enthusiasts who share my appreciation for these narratives. I offer this service with no additional charge, requesting only reimbursement for material costs.

In the spirit of fostering a sense of community and recognizing that physical copies of fanfiction are a privilege, not a necessity, I encourage you to continue supporting authors by engaging with their work online.

As my commitment to quality craftsmanship grew, I established DAYNE KATO LLC, a platform through which I can better serve the fanfiction community. This endeavor remains non-profit, with fees strictly limited to cover material expenses and shipping.

Balancing my engineering career, I carefully manage a limited number of bookbinding commissions each month to ensure I never overextend myself. Additionally, I carve out time to create special gift copies and embark on new projects as a way of giving back to this vibrant community.

Your support is invaluable as we navigate this journey together under the banner of DAYNE KATO LLC. Thank you for being a part of this endeavor, and I look forward to continuing to share the magic of fanfiction through the art of bookbinding.

Warm regards,
Dayne Kato