📖 Sturdy Hardcover: Immerse yourself in a literary masterpiece designed to withstand the test of time! Our robust cardboard hardcover guarantees the longevity of your cherished narrative, preserving its form for generations.

✅ Corner Protection: Say goodbye to the wear and tear of traditional books. Our sleek metal corner protection not only fortifies your book but also adds a touch of elegance, ensuring it remains flawless.

✅ A5 Book Size: Thoughtfully designed in the standard and ergonomic A5 size, perfect for all book enthusiasts, especially those engrossed in immersive fanfiction.

📜 Premium Paper: The magic lies in every page. Experience a blend of sharpness and comfort with our high-quality cream-colored paper, designed to prevent eye strain and enhance your reading pleasure.

🎁 Collector's Treasure: A must-have for Dramione enthusiasts, this book is not just a story; it's a visual delight and a sturdy addition to any fanfiction connoisseur's collection.

Size: 21 x 15 cm (A5 paper size)
Material: Cream Paper, Hardcover
Condition: NEW
Language: English
Package: The package is carefully packaged in gift wrapping style, with a thank you card included. Carefully wrapped to prevent shock to reach you in the best condition.

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